Property Management

Services included in the management agreement

Financial management

Keeping of the operating account

The keeping of the operating account includes :

  • organising the collection of rent, heating and hot water costs, incidental costs and other income ;
  • collection of rent, charges and other income ;
  • checking the compliance of payments ;
  • reminders within the framework of an amicable procedure, up to and not including intervention with the Office des poursuites et faillites ;
  • organising the payment of charges as well as all payments and compliance checks concerning the buildings (caretaker and routine cleaning, domestic water, heating of common premises and air conditioning, water treatment, sewers and roads, maintenance contracts for installations, insurance and public taxes, etc.) ;
  • payment of maintenance or repair bills and checking their compliance.

Keeping of the annual management account

These are the accounting services and movements of the capital account, which include :

  • the operating account ;
  • payment of mortgage, bank or unsecured interest ;
  • the payment of taxes and duties ;
  • the periodic payment of the management fee.

Lease management

Operation itself

The operation itself includes :

  • drawing up and keeping rental contracts and any amendments thereto
  • the control of their execution ;
  • processing routine terminations or early terminations ;
  • formalities for the entry and exit of tenants ;
  • the organisation of advertising ;
  • administrative procedures for re-letting.

Current relationships

Ongoing relations to be developed with neighbours and public services on the one hand, and with tenants on the other (general enforcement of lease clauses, discipline in the buildings).

Representation of the owner

Representation of the owner, except in the context of legal proceedings or before the conciliation authorities in matters of rental leases, whether for the various contracts concerning the building (insurance, maintenance contracts, caretaker contracts, etc.) or in relations with the authorities.

Keeping to deadlines

Keeping schedules for lease contracts (including indexation), or other contracts (guarantees, bank guarantees, insurance policies, etc.).

Technical management

Management of the janitorial service

The management of the janitorial service includes :

  • drawing up the contract and specifications on behalf of the owner ;
  • controlling its activity ;
  • the management of supplies and equipment intended for it ;
  • organising the special work for which it is responsible.

Simultaneous inventories

The execution of simultaneous inventories of fixtures on the entry and exit of tenants.

Monitoring of the technical installations

Monitoring of the technical installations.

Identification of the usual works

Identification of the usual maintenance and repair work to be carried out on the building.

Contract conclusion and management

The conclusion and management of maintenance contracts and subscriptions, in agreement with the owner.

Insurance contract management

Management of insurance contracts, in agreement with the owner.

Ascertainment and reporting of claims.

Ascertainment and reporting of claims.

Management fees


All sums received from tenants, including owner-occupied premises and subsidies related to subsidised buildings, whether as rent, heating and hot water contributions or other contributions.


The rate is determined freely and individually by each provider depending on the size and complexity of the mandate.


Certain services not mentioned above may be invoiced on a case-by-case basis in agreement with the owner (see USPI Vaud's General Conditions).

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